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Edelweiss General Insurance Empanelment

What is Edelweiss General Insurance Hospital Empanelment?

Edelweiss General Insurance Hospital Empanelment refers to the process by which hospitals are included in the list of approved healthcare facilities for Edelweiss General Insurance. This means that if a policyholder of Edelweiss General Insurance needs medical treatment, they can avail the services of these empanelled hospitals without having to worry about the financial aspect, as their insurance policy will cover the costs.

Empanelment usually involves a thorough review of the hospital’s facilities, services, & patient care standards to ensure that they meet the criteria set by Edelweiss General Insurance. Hospitals that are empanelled with Edelweiss General Insurance can expect to receive a steady flow of patients covered by Edelweiss insurance policies, as policyholders are typically encouraged to use empanelled hospitals for their medical needs.

Hospital Empanelment

About Edelweiss General Insurance

Edelweiss General Insurance is a subsidiary of Edelweiss Financial Services, a leading financial services company in India. It offers a wide range of insurance products & services. Here is a brief of Edelweiss General Insurance:

  • Product Portfolio: Comprehensive range of insurance products designed to meet the needs of individuals & families. Policyholders can choose from a range of options, including individual & family health insurance, critical illness insurance, personal accident insurance, & travel insurance, among others.
  • Claim Settlement Process: Quick & efficient claim settlement process, committed to resolving claims in a timely & transparent manner.
  • Customizable Policies: Option to customize insurance policies to suit specific needs & requirements of policy holders. For example, they can choose the sum insured, policy term, & add-on covers, such as maternity coverage & out-patient treatment.
  • Customer Service: A dedicated customer service team available to assist policyholders with any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Renewability: Renewable for life, providing policyholders with long-term peace of mind & protection.

How to get Empanelled with Edelweiss General Insurance?

It is possible for you to apply for Edelweiss General Insurance by yourself or with our help. We are one of the top consultants for Edelweiss General Insurance. Here are the steps for empanelment with Edelweiss General Insurance:

  • Fill application form available at Edelweiss General Insurance website
  • Upload the required empanelment documents 
  • Respond to the clarification emails from Edelweiss General Insurance
  • Get the hospital inspection done (if mandated)
  • Get final confirmation from Edelweiss General Insurance

Taking care of the above steps can be quite time-consuming for some doctors, hospitals, and clinics. That’s where we can help. Simply sign up with us, and we’ll handle everything for you.

Benefits of getting Empanelled with Edelweiss General Insurance

There are several advantages for hospitals that become empanelled with Edelweiss General Insurance:

  • Increased patient flow: Hospitals can expect to receive a steady flow of patients covered by Edelweiss insurance policies, which can help to increase the hospital’s patient volume and revenue.
  • Increased visibility: Being empanelled with Edelweiss General Insurance can increase the visibility and recognition of the hospital, making it more attractive to potential patients.
  • Streamlined payment process: Insurance claims can be processed more efficiently, reducing the time & effort required to collect payment for services rendered.
  • Improved quality of care: Empanelled hospitals are expected to meet certain quality standards set by Edelweiss General Insurance, which can drive hospitals to improve the quality of their services & patient care.
  • Financial stability: By partnering with Edelweiss General Insurance, hospitals can benefit from a stable source of revenue & reduced financial risk, as insurance payments are typically guaranteed and reliable.

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Want to immediately start serving Edelweiss General Insurance patients?

Mantra Consulting helps you empanel with Edelweiss General Insurance. However, empanelment may take time and are contingent on approval form the TPA/ Insurance.  Therefore, we also offer you an option to serve Edelweiss General Insurance patients without empanelment through our Reimbursement scheme:

  • You share patient details with us
  • Our expert team checks patients documents and the chances for approval 
  • You perform surgery of the patient
  • Mantra pays you the surgery amount within 7 days
  • Mantra followups with Insurance company and patients for the reimbursement
  • Mantra bears the risk and hospital gets the payment!