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Paramount Health Services TPA Empanelment

What is Paramount Health Services TPA Hospital Empanelment?

Paramount Health Services TPA Hospital Empanelment is a process through which the company selects & approves hospitals to be part of its network of healthcare providers. This involves an evaluation of the hospital’s infrastructure, services, medical facilities, & pricing to ensure that they meet the company’s standards & can provide high-quality healthcare services to policyholders. 

Once a hospital is empaneled, policyholders can receive cashless medical services at the hospital without having to pay for the expenses out-of-pocket, as Paramount Health Services TPA will settle the payment directly with the hospital. This process ensures that policyholders have access to a wide range of healthcare services across the country & can receive quality medical care without worrying about the financial aspect of the transaction. For hospitals, empanelment with Paramount Health Services TPA can result in increased patient volume & improved financial performance, as they gain access to a larger patient pool covered under the company’s policies.

About Paramount Health Services TPA

Paramount Health Services TPA is a third-party administrator (TPA) company based in India that provides a range of healthcare insurance services, including claims management, policy administration, & customer support. The company partners with leading insurance providers to offer health insurance policies to individuals & groups, & manages the claims process on their behalf. Paramount Health Services TPA has a large network of healthcare providers across the country & provides cashless hospitalization services to policyholders in its network. The company has a strong focus on customer satisfaction & quality service delivery, & leverages technology to streamline its operations & improve the customer experience. Overall, Paramount Health Services TPA plays a crucial role in the Indian healthcare industry by making health insurance more accessible & affordable for individuals & families.

How to get Empanelled with Paramount Health Services TPA?

It is possible for you to apply for Paramount Health Services TPA by yourself or with our help. We are one of the top consultants for Paramount Health Services TPA. Here are the steps for empanelment with Paramount Health Services TPA:

  • Fill application form available at Paramount Health Services TPA website
  • Upload the required empanelment documents 
  • Respond to the clarification emails from Paramount Health Services TPA
  • Get the hospital inspection done (if mandated)
  • Get final confirmation from Paramount Health Services TPA

Taking care of the above steps can be quite time-consuming for some doctors, hospitals, and clinics. That’s where we can help. Simply sign up with us, and we’ll handle everything for you.

Benefits of getting Empanelled with Paramount Health Services TPA

Getting empaneled with Paramount Health Services TPA can offer several benefits to hospitals, including:

  • Increased patient volume: Can help hospitals attract more patients who are covered under the company’s policies, resulting in increased patient volume & revenue.
  • Timely payment: Processes payments quickly & efficiently, ensuring that hospitals receive payment for their services in a timely manner.
  • Simplified billing process: Provides an online portal for hospitals to submit claims & track payment status, simplifying the billing process & reducing administrative workload.
  • Improved reputation: Hospitals are seen as reliable & high-quality providers, which can help to improve their reputation among patients & other stakeholders.
  • Training & support: Offers training & support to its empaneled hospitals, helping them to improve their operational efficiency & service quality.

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Want to immediately start serving Paramount Health Services TPA patients?

Mantra Consulting helps you empanel with Paramount Health Services TPA. However, empanelment may take time and are contingent on approval form the TPA/ Insurance.  Therefore, we also offer you an option to serve Paramount Health Services TPA patients without empanelment through our Reimbursement scheme:

  • You share patient details with us
  • Our expert team checks patients documents and the chances for approval 
  • You perform surgery of the patient
  • Mantra pays you the surgery amount within 7 days
  • Mantra followups with Insurance company and patients for the reimbursement
  • Mantra bears the risk and hospital gets the payment!