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Mediassist India TPA Empanelment

What is Mediassist India TPA Hospital Empanelment?

Mediassist India TPA Hospital Empanelment refers to the process in which a hospital becomes affiliated with Mediassist India TPA & is recognized as a part of its network hospitals. Empanelled hospitals can offer Mediassist India TPA services to their patients, providing them with a wide & comprehensive health insurance coverage & improved financial protection.

To become empanelled with Mediassist India TPA, a hospital must meet certain criteria set by the company, such as being accredited & meeting quality standards, having adequate infrastructure & facilities, and complying with the company’s guidelines & processes.

Once empanelled, a hospital can offer Mediassist India TPA services to its patients, including claims management, network management, & wellness programs, & can benefit from increased patient reach, improved cash flow, reduced administrative burden, better patient satisfaction, & commission-based earning potential.

It’s important to note that the specific benefits & requirements of Mediassist India TPA Hospital Empanelment may vary depending on the specific agreement between the hospital & Mediassist India TPA.

About Mediassist India TPA

Mediassist India TPA (Third Party Administrator) is a healthcare services provider in India, offering a wide range of services to insurance companies & policyholders. As a TPA, Mediassist India provides claims management, network management, & wellness programs to insurance companies, helping them provide comprehensive health insurance coverage to their policyholders. Some of the services offered by Mediassist India TPA include:

  • Claims Management: Mediassist India processes & settles health insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies, ensuring timely payment of medical expenses & improved financial protection for policyholders.
  • Network Management: Mediassist India manages a network of empanelled hospitals, clinics, & healthcare providers, providing policyholders with access to quality medical care & improved patient experience.
  • Wellness Programs: Mediassist India offers wellness programs, such as preventive health check-ups, lifestyle management, & health risk assessments, to policyholders, helping them maintain good health & prevent illnesses.
  • Customer Service: Mediassist India provides excellent customer service, assisting policyholders with queries, clarifications, & claims processing, ensuring a smooth & hassle-free experience.
  • Data Analytics: Mediassist India uses data analytics & technology to provide insights & improve the efficiency of its healthcare services, helping insurance companies make informed decisions & provide better coverage to policyholders.

Mediassist India TPA is a trusted & reliable healthcare services provider, offering innovative & customized solutions to meet the evolving needs of insurance companies & policyholders.

How to get Empanelled with Mediassist India TPA?

It is possible for you to apply for Mediassist India TPA by yourself or with our help. We are one of the top consultants for Mediassist India TPA. Here are the steps for empanelment with Mediassist India TPA:

  • Fill application form available at Mediassist India TPA website
  • Upload the required empanelment documents 
  • Respond to the clarification emails from Mediassist India TPA
  • Get the hospital inspection done (if mandated)
  • Get final confirmation from Mediassist India TPA

Taking care of the above steps can be quite time-consuming for some doctors, hospitals, and clinics. That’s where we can help. Simply sign up with us, and we’ll handle everything for you.

Benefits of getting Empanelled with Mediassist India TPA

Getting empanelled with Mediassist India TPA can offer several benefits to a hospital, including:

  • Increased Patient Reach: Hospital is recognized as a part of its network of empanelled hospitals, making it easier for policyholders to access services.
  • Improved Cash Flow: Mediassist India TPA can handle the insurance claims process for policyholders, allowing for timely payment of medical expenses & improved cash flow for the hospital.
  • Reduced Administrative Burden: Reduce the administrative burden of dealing with insurance claims, freeing up time & resources to focus on providing high-quality care to your patients.
  • Better Patient Satisfaction: Provide policyholders with comprehensive health insurance coverage, improved financial protection, & the convenience of cashless treatment, leading to better patient satisfaction.
  • Increased Brand Awareness: Being associated with Mediassist India TPA & offering its services can help increase your hospital’s brand awareness & reputation in the market, attracting more patients to your services.
  • Commission-based Earning Potential: As an empanelled hospital, you can receive commissions for the treatments & services provided to policyholders, providing you with additional income.

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Want to immediately start serving Mediassist India TPA patients?

Mantra Consulting helps you empanel with Mediassist India TPA. However, empanelment may take time and are contingent on approval form the TPA/ Insurance.  Therefore, we also offer you an option to serve Mediassist India TPA patients without empanelment through our Reimbursement scheme:

  • You share patient details with us
  • Our expert team checks patients documents and the chances for approval 
  • You perform surgery of the patient
  • Mantra pays you the surgery amount within 7 days
  • Mantra followups with Insurance company and patients for the reimbursement
  • Mantra bears the risk and hospital gets the payment!