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ROHINI Registration

As part of the Health Insurers and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) network in India, the ROHINI (Registry of Hospitals in Network of Insurance) is a registry for unique hospitals. The Insurance Information Bureau of India established the registry (promoted by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India).

There are approximately 33,000 distinct hospitals in the IIB registry as a result of a thorough deduplication process. As a result, insurers, medical service providers, patients, and regulators will be able to get all of the information they need about health insurance, hospitals, and more in one place.



As part of its unique initiative, the Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) has established the Registry of Hospitals in the Insurance Network of India. ROHINI, launched by IRDAI under IIB, will serve as a central repository for hospitals within the Insurers Providers Network and will be updated regularly. Based on the hospital’s address, each hospital will be assigned its own 13-digit worldwide Unique ID and latitude and longitude coordinates.

ROHINI Registration Procedure

Here are the easy steps for empanelment with ROHINI Registration. You can apply yourself or with our assistance. We are one of the best ROHINI Registration consultants in the market.

  • You can fill out the application form for ROHINI Registration on their website.
  • Please upload the necessary papers for joining our panel.
  • Respond to the ROHINI Registration clarification emails.
  • If mandated, get the hospital inspection done.
  • From ROHINI Registration, obtain final confirmation of your empanelment.

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Advantages of Empanelment with ROHINI Registration

Over 50% of middle-class or higher-income patients come under one or more panels these days, so getting panels has become a necessity, otherwise, you may lose a lot of potential patients. ROHINI Registration is regarded as one of the best panels to have. Having such a panel boosts the trust of patients and helps your practice or hospital grow.

ROHINI Registration Documents Required

Hospitals and clinics are provided with a standard list of documents required for empanelment. Some companies may require additional documentation.

  • Hospital registration certificate
  • Hospital photographs
  • Any other Empanelments
  • Details of doctors and support staff
  • List of the services provided
  • Pre-entry/ NABH certification (if available)
  • Bio-medical waste certificate 
  • NOC from Fire department

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