Health Care franchising Opportunity with India’s Fastest Growing Hospital Chain

  • Start with a low investment of 5-10 lac
  • Recession-Proof business opportunity
  • 30-40% profit on revenues
  • Associate with a leading brand in Health Care
  • Own your own Clinic/ Hospital

Apply for Franchise

About MantraCare

A leading provider of healthcare services in India, MantraCare boasts 50+ clinics, 20+ partner hospitals, and 30+ surgeons who specialize in ophthalmology, proctology, urology, gynecology, laser surgery, and laparoscopic surgery in-house. We aim to disrupt Day Care Procedures. We currently employ doctors and partner with smaller hospitals for relatively non-critical surgeries.

Using laser technology, we provide the most advanced treatment in our state-of-the-art clinics. We have specialists for various diseases with over ten years of experience. Mantra Care operates in ten cities, including Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Bhubaneshwar, and Indore.


  • India’s leading hospital chain
  • 10+ Branches in India & Aboard
  • 3000+ successful surgeries
  • 15+ Doctors/ consultants on panel
  • Latest machines

Why Start MantraCare Hospital Franchise?

Huge Market:

A health problem affects every Indian. Healthcare is the largest service sector industry in India, valued at $2 trillion.

Low Capital Requirement:

The applicant must own a premise of at least 1000 square feet and be able to invest 10 to 20 lacs.

Not High Risk:

In addition to establishing and operating the clinic, MantraCare will also provide branding and marketing services

Preferred Locations For Franchise

India, Asia, Africa.

Healthcare Franchise Formats:

FormatInvestment (INR)Brand Fee (INR)SpaceStaffExp. Monthly Sales (INR)Profit Margin Royalty
MantraCare Clinic – Without Equipment5 – 10 lakh2 lakh800 – 2,000 Sq Ft610 lakh20%Monthly royalty of 40% or INR 50,000 fixed
MantraCare Clinic – With Equipment 15 – 25 lakh2 lakh800 – 2,000 Sq Ft610 lakh30%Monthly royalty of 30%
MantraCare Hospital with OT 30 – 50 lakh5 lakh2,000 – 5000 Sq Ft1530 lakh30% Monthly royalty of 30%

Things We Look For In A Franchisee?

It would be the franchise partner’s responsibility to ensure that the procedures are conducted safely and efficiently in the clinic/hospital.

The franchise partner would be responsible for sales growth with our marketing assistance. MantraCare would provide complete management support to the franchise partner.

Franchise partners should have strong financial backgrounds, and preferably own the locations where the franchise will be located.

Why Start MantraCare Hospital Franchise?

Aside from recruitment, training, treatment support, workshops, and advertising, we can assist with accreditations, insurance, and government panels as well. As an expert in key areas such as Optical and Pharmacy Procurement, Sales (Call Center), Software, Doctor hiring, Medical Legal, etc., we provide centralized assistance.

Operations & Marketing

  • Clinic setup & Operations
  • Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • GP Referral

Better Security

  • Video Camera
  • Audit

Better Patient Experience

  • Patient Card
  • Call Center
  • Software/web
  • Website & SMS Tips

Specialists Access

  • Specialist Tie-up
  • Video Conference

Simple Patient Education

  • Patient Edu Mat.
  • Patient Edu Video
  • Mantracare Diabetes
  • Management App.

Tie-Up & Savings

  • Pharma & Others
  • Insurance/TPA & Govt. Panels

How To Get MantraCare Franchise?

Please fill the franchise application form. Our Franchise team will get in touch with you. Alternatively you can Whatsapp/ Call at 8700988101 to talk to our franchise team.

Why Go For Heatlhcare Franchising?

Franchising – The Easier And Faster Way To Success

Over 40% of retail sales in India are attributed to franchising as a business model. Globally, franchise sales have reached US $ 1 trillion. Hardly surprising, considering almost anywhere in the world you’ll find McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Kodak Express, or Reebok stores.

In India, franchising enjoys an 85% success rate. Archie’s, Lakme, PVR, Nike, and Ceat are some examples.

There is a rapid rise in franchising in the healthcare industry as well. Because the healthcare industry is highly brand-oriented, healthcare franchising has become the norm these days. Numerous players operate in this industry, including Apollo clinics, Lifespan diabetics franchises, and many more.

Why Franchising?

The advantage of working under the umbrella of a large organization such as Mantra Care cannot be overemphasized. What you receive is the best of both the worlds. Having an independent business enables you to showcase your entrepreneurial abilities. Your risks are also minimized with a nationally recognized brand like Mantra Care.

What we provide is all the knowledge, marketing, operations, and expertise you require to run your business successfully, also access to our years of healthcare/eye domain expertise. With a network of Mantra Care Clinics throughout India, Asia & Africa, you will have the opportunity to provide world-class services at a fraction of the cost.